Green Teas

We have arrived into the month of March within the year of lord 2017. March is the month we celebrate one of the contributions of our Irish Americans.  The feast St. Patrick is celebrated on March the 17th with parades, Festivals, Green Beer, Green clothing and now Green tea.  This March we are going to look at March’s favorite color: Green.

Green teas are leafs that are created from the same plant as the Black teas but are less process.  Therefore less caffeine is said to be found in Green than black teas.  Green teas are higher in antioxidants (Antioxidants prevent free radical damage in your body which is thought to be the cause of many chronic diseases).  Green teas are said to help with weight loss and detoxifying of the skin and cancer retardation.  Green teas are great served with local honey, especially when you have a cold or your sinus is really getting to you.  Green teas help with building up the immune system and the honey helps by building up your immune of local pollen allergies. Also to offset the vegetable taste of green tea try by blending it with fruit or flowers to add a floral or fruit flavor to your green tea. 

Whether Iced or hot green teas will help you celebrate the St. Paddy’s feast by drinking something healthy and green.  While you celebrate the Month of March with the feast St. Paddy’s Day,  the leaping forward of the clocks and the start of Spring try a healthy cup of green tea.  And move into Spring with a mindset of making a more healthier you.