Syrups in Teas


Iced tea with Syrup

Syrups in Teas

Loose leaf teas brew a better cup of tea.

When I go into a restaurant I read the menu or ask the waitress what teas they have.  When I find they have Peach Tea, Raspberry or a plethora of fruity teas I then ask is it flavored with syrup.  Syrups are the additional flavors/sweeteners that they add to tea that gives the tea that fruity sweet flavor on top of the basic tea flavored. Syrups are great addition to most beverages; they add flavor to a beverage as well sweeten it at the same time. But there are Teas out there that have the benefit of flavor without the added sugars.  Teas in themselves come in a variety of flavors.  If you want a Peach tea there are Black, Green and White teas that have natural peach flavors and well as dried peaches blended with the tea itself.  These are great for those people who are watching there sugar intake.  Because there is no sugar added to the tea blends. If it is a really good tea there will be all natural ingredients within the tea blend.  This way if you want sweeten your tea you may add sugar, honey and the sweetener of your choice without adding all of the unwanted additives. The very best Teas are the loose leaf teas that are package into bags.  Watching the leaves unfurl is watching the flavor steep into your tea.  

Specialty Tea is growing in popularity because loose leaf has a better flavor profile.



  • July 28th

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    This is why tea leaves are better than tea bags.

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  • July 28th

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    Loose leaf teas are becoming more popular.

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