Black Tea

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Black Tea is tea that is grown in China, and South Asia. The tea is called black tea because of its dark colour. It is a popular tea in the west.

In Chinese, however, it is called red tea when translated literally. To the Chinese, when brewed the colour resembles red more than black.

Black tea is fermented and there are about twenty main types of black tea in China.

In Africa, black tea is sometimes drunk with mint leaves. In the west and in Singapore, they are drunk with milk and sugar. Chinese innovation have resulted in a new type of delicacy - Black tea eggs. Lovers of this dish say that black tea eggs taste better than tea eggs cooked with Chinese tea leaves. You be the judge.

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Green Tea

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Green tea in Asia is almost as popular as coffee is in the West. Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese green teas are filled with polyphenols which phytochemicals that are almost as 100 times as powerful as the antioxidant found in Vitamin C. Tea's polyphenols is primarily known as catechins that prevents the uncontrollable growth of new blood vessels. This, many believe,help to stop cancer by preventing newly-emerging tumors from growing by robbing them of their sustenance for growth. Catechins can also stop DNA deformations caused by carcinogens or cancer-causing substance from coming up in the first place.

Chinese scientists believe that green tea daily dosages help to bring about lower probablities of cancer in the oesophagus, stomach and liver. Japanese scientists show that drinking up to ten cups or more in one day on a daily basis may also cut down the risks of heart and coronary diseases. Some have even suggested that merely gargling the green in the mouth may stop bacteria from gathering in the teeth cavities. Experiments with lab animals yielded the result of lower incidences of skin cancer when green tea was applied to their epidermal layer. The results are still inconclusive for black tea but some suspect that they can be the same in terms of results.

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Oolong Teas

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Oolong is semi-fermented. It is grown specially in the southern regions of China like Taiwan, Guangdong and Fujian. One of the most famous tea regions in Fujina is Anxi. There are 11 main types of Oolong.

  1. Tie Kuan Yin
  2. Taiwan Oolong
  3. Oolong with orange pekoe
  4. Anxi Oolong
  5. Japanese processed Oolong
  6. Teochew Oolong
  7. Yunnan Oolong
  8. Infused Fragrant Oolong tea
  9. Virgin Fujian Oolong tea leaves

Several studies indicate that oolong tea may help promote weight loss. In a 2009 study of 102 overweight or obese subjects, for instance, researchers concluded that consumption of oolong tea could improve fat metabolism and, in turn, reduce body weight. After six weeks of drinking oolong tea daily, 64 percent of obese subjects and 66 percent of overweight subjects lost more than 2.2 pounds. Overall, 22 percent of participants lost more than 6.6 pounds.

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White Tea

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White tea is slightly fermented. Its taste tends to be described as light with a sweet aftertaste. However, different people have different interpretation of its taste.
White tea is only grown in China and no where else. It is produced in the province of Fujian. Fujian is the main tea growing region in China as its climate is suitable for cultivating such tea. The history of tea cultivation in Fujian is long and one of the founders of this website is a direct descendent of Fujian tea growing civilization. The other well-known tea produced in this region is Oolong tea.
White tea is complicated in its origins as it is classified according to the degree of maturation of leaves. There are four main types of white tea leaves. They include white peony, Kung mee.

Like green tea and black tea, white tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. In addition to boasting greater antioxidant activity than its green and black counterparts, white tea offers the least amount of caffeine. Since there's no heating or oxidizing involved in its preparation, white tea is also recognized as the least processed tea variety.

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